Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ripple Two-fer Presale, This President's Day! Mothership and Kingnomad, Limited Editions, Test Pressings, Bundles and More!!

Wow!  What a day!  At 7 am PST, this Monday, Feb 20, the long-awaited, heavily anticipated new album by cosmic heavies, Mothership will go on pre-sale.  Three editions of vinyl, test pressings and more.  And to make the day even better (and in an effort to save you significant $$$ with combined shipping) we're also make for pre-sale, the critically-hailed debut full length from Sweden's heavy occult doomsters, Kingnomad.  Both can be found at
Already hailed as the Record of the Week by Pirates Press blog, High Strangeness finds the cosmic rockers exploring new territory in heavy hitting, retro-70's-80's rock, stoner, metal and blues.  Two Limited Editions of this killer album, the multi-colored, yellow swirl "Rapture" and the heavy psychedelic splattered "Mindbender" along with the midnight black, "Void Touched."  Test pressings, CD's and a special limited package of Void Touched black vinyl combined with a black vinyl copy of the 7" Crown of Lies, which includes a non-album B-side!!
"If you’re the type of person whose day isn’t complete without some Swedish Psychedelic Doom, then Kingnomad are just what you’re looking for."  So declares Maximum Volume Music in their glowing review of this new, neo-masterpiece work of Lovecraftian occult doom.  Pictured is the limited "Endless Abyss" psychedelic splatter Edition, limited to 100 pressed.   Mapping the Inner Void is the type of album that only gets better on repeated listens, and one that will find those repeats as it takes official residence on your turntable.  Or as Outlaws of the Suns says, "Mapping The Inner Void is an excellent album and one that will appeal to the majority of the Doom Metal community.  If you want an good old fashioned Occult/Doom Metal album with flourishes of Classic Rock and Psych sounds then you can’t go wrong with this excellent album."

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Hawk Vs. Dove

Alright ladies and gentleman today’s bonanza features just one band. In order to get started I feel it necessary to talk a bit about the art of presentation. For one Hawk vs. A lot like the contrast of the two birds, the black vs. white plays a part in the presentation of Hawk vs. Dove on the bandcamp feed. While the hawk exhibits power and grace, the dove promotes innocence and naiveté. The art is rather complex and artful while maintaining a grounded presence using just black and white. Maybe I’m rambling to deep, in fact yes, I am rambling but the point is, these two albums have a way of catching your eye which bridges the gap between your ears.

Now before we get to the music, the next feature on their page is the band’s bio or description of their own music. Whether they wrote it or had a “professional” compose the message, it says what you’d believe to be true of the band before even listening.

“Citing influences such as Earth, The Jesus Lizard and Boris, Hawk vs. Dove has a knack for gut-churning guitar licks, ominous tones and unconventional harmonies. Progressive without losing sight of nod-worthy songs, innovative without excess, they have a grasp on where heavy music has been and where it ought to go.”

For me, the descriptions, tags, and other reviews (if available) are a key driver on whether I am going to invest the time to push play and give the music a listen. Hawk vs. Dove have an intriguing start so far without even pushing play. The art is enthralling, the descriptions sound palatable and, although I’m not necessarily a diehard fan of any of the referenced bands, they do sound like a worthy combination. The alluring fact to me was that there was not a single supporter on the page which could mean a couple things. First, they could really suck and nobody would donate their support to such an act, second, they could have just put the material up on bandcamp and posted the original release date of such material, or it’s just the internet, and not everybody discovers everything at the same time. I tend to think with Hawk vs. Dove that it was a combination of the latter 2. Either way, at this point my mobile app was primed and ready with the latest album in the wishlist ready to listen.

What happens next is history. Immediately slathered with downtuned, distorted riffs bubbling up with enchanting melancholy from a boggy nest ‘Divided States’ takes flight with harmonious vocal passages eliciting a nostalgic 90’s vibe (The Jesus Lizard) and for me a nod to Jerry Cantrell with its haunting yet graceful harmony. The music is sodden with thick, demented riffs, polished with glimmers of shoegaze and oozing with inebriated Sabbath fuzz. There are numerous light and airy moments that have an almost Radiohead or Jane's Addiction feel to it without really sounding like either band. Just a nice touch of atmospheric gloom.

v      Raging harmony stricken riffage swoops upon shoegaze crusted grunge like a hawk vs dove engaged in battle within a storm of passion. Heavy blues gone mad meets demented doom on quaaludes. This is one sick puppy!!”

As I finished up my first listen I was drawn immediately down to the self-titled where I noticed the availability of vinyl and again, nobody apparently in support as of yet. I got to the second song ‘The Sabbath’ before I hit the buy now button for a measly $20 including shipping and both digital versions of the bands discography. The album played on, my mind remained tickled with bliss, and I began the journey of spreading the gospel of this seemingly undiscovered band yearning for more attention. I think it’s already gaining ground as others have joined the good fight of keeping the spirit of underground rock and roll alive and well.

v      “This is exquisite. Eerie vocal harmonies straight out of the Jerry Cantrell hand book grooving along to unorthodox time signatures and writhing with nostalgia. This is both super heavy and fit for a fat riff king yet lingers with a grungy erotic blues that'll comatose your pleasure center.”

If you’re finding yourself perplexed on whether this is right for you, fear no more. The albums are up at a name your price offering in your choice of digital format included unlimited streaming via the mobile app. For the true blue addicts the self titled is offered up as described below:

v      Self-titled debut album by Hawk vs. Dove on 180-gram vinyl in classic black or dirty white. Cover art and lyrics insert by Larry Carey. 1st pressing limited to 200 copies!!
Recorded and mixed by Matthew Barnhart and David Willingham at The Echolab. 

I went with Classic Black for those that were wondering. Black vinyl matters, but keeping to the theme of the artwork it’s also available in a dirty white. There is nothing not to like about this fantastic new addition to bandcamp so join the fun and add this band to your radar.

-The Huntsman

Friday, February 17, 2017

Contrastic - Contrastic LP

Everyone needs a reminder now and again waveriders.  For some those reminders are work related.  Others require a gentle tap on the shoulder to make sure they don't lose themselves to one pleasurable pursuit or another.  Speaking for myself, I readily admit that from time to time a not so gentle admonition to listen to music belonging to a genre I typically neglect is vital.  If not for these suggestions I would miss out on bands like Contrastic and their newly re-released self-titled LP.

Alright, who wants to talk about grindcore?  Ultra-fast songs, massive distortion, cookie monster know, the good stuff!  While I enjoy and have reviewed a couple of grindcore bands on this site (Total Fucking Destruction and Beer Corpse spring to mind), by and large I leave that genre to other writers.  Not this time however.  Contrastic is simply too good!  Not only are they good, they're weird as well, and that makes them stand out from the crowd to my ears.  What makes them weird?  Good question.

Let's start at the beginning.  Opening track "War Laws?" lays down almost a minute and a half of what sounds like sinister midi music before the actual band joins the fray.  Even then the song better fits the mold of sludged-up death metal than typical grindcore.  Only on the second track, "Verschrottung Durch Arbeit", does the listener encounter the expected blast beats.  This pattern of experimental track followed by more standard grind repeats throughout the album's thirty minute run length.

The thing is...just when you think you know what to expect Contrastic throws a curveball your way.  Would you think proper piano accompaniment would enhance a grindcore song?  Take a minute, literally, and listen to the song "Chopins Ulcerous Colic".  You might be surprised.  Sticking closely to the piano theme "Unattractive 'M'" features an organ for thirty seconds smack dab in the middle of the track.  "Sex With Four Walls" begins with title-appropriate wah peddle work before transitioning into a raging metallic whirlwind.

Waveriders this album originally hit the market back in 1999 or 2000.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks at Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for reissuing this marvelous album digitally and on vinyl.  If not for their efforts I never would have discovered this gem!  Do yourselves a favor my friends.  Order a copy of Contrastic's self-titled LP and let the grind move you.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Electric Citizen announce tour with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, post Daytrotter session

Hear & share Higher Time album (Bandcamp) (Soundcloud).

"Going from one riff-filled masterpiece to the next, Electric Citizen go well beyond anything that they accomplished with 2014's Sateen. The band is coming into their own, and they know it." -- Metal Injection

"With songs this good, they deserve to blow up." -- Consequence of Sound

Electric Citizen continue their relentless tour schedule this month in support of their groundbreaking sophomore album Higher Time. The Cincinnati quartet hits the road mid-February supporting British rock legend The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (a.k.a. The God of Hellfire). Please see complete dates below.

Daytrotter releases a new Electric Citizen live session this week, available HERE. And, guitarist Ross Dolan sits down with PlayThisRiff to demonstrate how to play the band's "Light Years Beyond" guitar riffs HERE.

Electric Citizen's recent album was recorded at Black Keys' frontman Dan Auerbach's studio Easy Eye Sound with producer Brian Olive (The Arcs, Dr. John). It was released on May 13th, 2016.

Electric Citizen is a rock n roll band from Cincinnati, Ohio whose heavy sound is timeless and music to the ears of any rock n roll fan. Formed in 2013 by guitarist Ross Dolan, vocalist Laura Dolan, bassist Randy Proctor and drummer Nate Wagner, the band has busied itself with turning heads and ears on to their music. Since signing with RidingEasy Records in early 2014, they've done several direct support tours with Wolfmother, Fu Manchu, and Budos Band. The band's debut album Sateen ended up on several 'Best of 2014' lists and Higher Time has been met with even more praise since its release.

Higher Time is available on LP, CD and download via RidingEasy Records as of May 13th, 2016.

02/16 Las Vegas, NV @ Vinyl Las Vegas *
02/17 San Francisco, CA @ Slim's *
02/18 Portland, OR @ Star Theater *
02/21 Chicago, IL @ Reggie's *
02/23 New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge *

* w/ The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Artist: Electric Citizen
Album: Higher Time
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: May 13th, 2016

01. Evil
02. Social Phobia
03. Misery Keeper
04. Devils in Passing Time
05. Golden Mean
06. Higher Time
07. Ghost of Me
08. Natural Law
09. Crux
10. Two Hearted Woman

On The Web:

Night announces third album 'RAFT OF THE WORLD' and releases new single 'WINDS'


'Winds' is the first single from Nights upcoming album 'Raft of the world' which will be released through The Sign Records and it invites the listener to embark on a new ferocious yet melodic rock 'n' roll journey. This is a song that generates an almost ecstatic feeling from the beginning to the end, and it shows you how the band, after a couple of line-up changes, has developed a more organic, rock-based sound - without leaving that catchy guitar-driven, steady paced and heavy hitting sound that is known as Night.

"This song is about the modern man, living in a shallow and stressful society where money corrupts everything. The blind leading the blind, collectively chasing "the dream" which probably never will become true anyway. The lack of connection to nature and all beings equal right to existence have persuaded humanity to believe in its own immortality throughout the ages, and today our civilisation is literrally standing on the edge of its own demise. Mankind and the man-made society is definitely not indestructible and that's a uncomfortable truth to bear in mind times like these. We want to give you a first glimpse of the soundscape and lyrical theme which is following sort of a thread throughout the whole album. The crossroad is near..." - Sammy Ouirra, Night

The album is recorded, produced and mixed by Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Dead Lord, Lizzies, Honeymoon Disease) and co-recorded by Linus Lundgren (Nocturnalia) at studio Ganymeden in Linköping, Sweden during October 2016. Mastering was done by Chris Common (The Mars Volta, Chelsea Wolfe, Mastodon) The artwork is made by Mattias Frisk (Ghost, Vanhelgd, Vampire).

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Black Bone Exorcism – Crack The Bone, Break The Heart

One of the things that I love most about music is that it can be very powerful. Music can move us and make us feel things like nothing else can. For me specifically, black metal is the genre of music that most often creates these feelings. While Black Bone Exorcism are not a black metal band, they create some very powerful and moving music that elicited the same responses in me.

I'm not sure how I would describe their music exactly. I could call it post-metal and that would be a good descriptor, but certainly not the only way to describe it. There are some elements of doom, it can also feel sludgy at times. I'm not a fan of the whole “recommended if you like” descriptions that records labels often use, but if you are a fan of Neurosis this band would work for you.

As I said above, this is powerful music. It grabs you by the front of the shirt and lets you know that this is music you MUST listen to. This is not background music that you put on while you putter around the house. Rather, this is music that demands your attention. Its a fair demand, because this is music that, if you give it your undivided attention, it will reward you. It is very intense, and that intensity helped me feel like the music was guiding me, and connecting me with things that are outside of our normal, usual realm. In a very real sense it is spiritual music. I felt that if I spent enough time with it I would connect with lost things, esoteric things, that are not a part of our daily lives, things that once were a part of us as human beings when we were much more in touch with the world around us and not so lost in technology, not so isolated from the natural world. It is music that I look forward to listening to over and over, each time moving a little deeper into it.

There are some stunning songs here. “To The East” is a master work of sorts. If you listen to this song at a surface level, it is deceptively simple. Basic patterns of just two and three and four notes repeat throughout, sometimes moving against each other and sometimes with each other as different instruments take up the patterns. However, if you let those patterns guide you and wash over you, it is a song that is meditative in feeling. It is very powerful.

“III” is also a very powerful song for me. There is a heaviness at work that almost serves to pummel you into submission and break you down so that you can receive the communications that it has in store for you. It is beautiful and emotive and evocative.  I had an opportunity to interview this band for my radio show and we spent a lot of time discussing their song writing processes. Some of these songs have taken years to write and the band feels that they are curating these songs and will only bring them forth when they are completely ready. I would heartily agree with them.

This is an amazing album and if you are open to the idea that heavy music can be beautiful, that it can show you way to things beyond, check this one out. You can pick up a CD from the band's Bandcamp site, and there will be a vinyl release a bit later this year courtesy of DHU.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, Vista Chino, the former singer of Kyuss – yes, desert legend JOHN GARCIA may rightfully be considered as the ultimate incarnation of stoner rock. His first solo album and opus eponymous from 2014 is followed roughly three years later by 'The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues', a comparatively relaxed and purely acoustic affair, set to be released on Friday, January 27th 2017 on Napalm Records!

"Better late than never", Mister Garcia himself comments on the rather lengthy period of time he invested in his new baby. Offering chilled out renditions of some well-known classics as well as JOHN GARCIA's solo work, 'The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues' seamlessly merges past gems with future, howling hits – all you need now is a crackling fire!

To celebrate his first acoustic release ever, JOHN GARCIA is now streaming 'The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues' in its entirely! Get into old and new classics in a brand new shape like you have never heard the most distinctive voice of desert rock before, and stream it in full right HERE!
'The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues'  coming out January 27th 2017 on CD, Digital Download and LP Gatefold via Napalm Records, is available to purchase HERE!

For More Info Visit:

If Janis Joplin, Jack White, Anouk, Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age ever had the chance to breed, this band would have been their favourite creation: Belgium's answer to pretty much every Rock band out there, BLACK MIRRORS, manage to gather an endless amount of influences which have been ruling the Rock N' Roll universe for decades. This one’s a keeper, and with good cause BLACK MIRRORS  just recently signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records!

Now the band, fronted by charismatic vocalist Marcella Di Troia, unveiled a first lyric video from their upcoming debut EP 'Funky Queen', which is set to be released on March 3rd 2017!

Enjoy the ride of the 'Funky Queen' and dive into the tunes of BLACK MIRRORS first EP HERE!

The band explains:
„We are proud and happy to introduce you to our new EP! We worked on it with a lot of passion and love and we can’t wait to share it with the world and to hear people's reactions. Making and releasing this EP fills us with great joy and hopefully more people will love our songs as much as we do! Initially the song "Funky Queen" - from a musical point of view - was far more complicated than how it is today. There were many different parts that have been revised to eventually come to the current version. We composed the final version on a folk guitar which helped us getting more into the essence and feeling of the song. Funky Queen is about any kind of addiction as in drugs, alcohol or even love. The Queen confronts everyone with one’s own demons.“

Pre-Orders are now available, better get addicted to the band and purchase your copy of BLACK MIRRORS EP 'Funky Queen' HERE!

The tracklist will read as follows:
1. Funky Queen
2. Kick Out the Jam
3. The Mess
4. Canard Vengeur Masqué 

w/ Horisont
16/03/2017 DE - Hamburg / Logo
17/03/2017 DE - Siegen / Vortex
18/03/2017 DE - Düsseldorf / Pitcher
19/03/2017 NL - Helmond / Cacaofabriek
20/03/2017 NL - Nijmegen / Merleyn
21/03/2017 BE - Liège / La Zone
23/03/2017 DE - Munich / Backstage
24/03/2017 IT - Fontaneto D'Agogna / Phenomenon
25/03/2017 CH - Pratteln / Z7
26/03/2017 AT - Vienna / Das Bach
27/03/2017 AT - Salzburg / Rockhouse
28/03/2017 DE - Mörlenbach-Weiher / Live Music Hall
29/03/2017 DE - Lichtenfels / Paunchy Cats
30/03/2017 DE - Berlin / Privatclub
31/03/2017 DK - Randers / Von Hatten
01/04/2017 DK - Copenhagen / Huset

BLACK MIRRORS Headline Shows:
02.03.2017 BE - Brussels / Botanique
07.03.2017 TU - Ankara / ODTÜ
06.04.2017 BE - Antwerp / Trix

For More Info Visit:

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